Unrationed tea and double meat allowance for Christmas – archive, 1918

The Food Controller has decided to remove the restrictions on the sale of tea, which in effect does away with rationing. He is also allowing a double ration of meat for the week preceding Christmas week.

The meat concession operates throughout England and Wales during the week preceding Christmas week, and affects the weekly ration of butcher’s meat (including pork, suet, loose fat, tongues, kidneys, and ox-skirt). In accordance with this decision the value of each of the four meat coupons numbered 7 in the current ration-book (being the coupons available during the period from Sunday, December 15, to Wednesday December 25) will be as follows :—

Butcher’s meat, including beef, veal, mutton, lamb, and pork

Uncooked (8d. worth)
With the usual bone (6oz)
Cooked without bone (5oz)

Suet, loose fat, tongues, kidneys, and ox-skirt

Uncooked (8d. worth)
With the usual bone (–)
Cooked without bone (6oz)

In Scotland this concession will be granted in respect of the coupon period from Sunday, December 22, to Wednesday, January 1, and the increased value will apply to the coupon numbered 8 in the current ration-book.

Catering establishments and institutions may, during the week commencing December 15 (in England and Wales) and during the week commencing December 22 (in Scotland) purchase twice the amount of their authorised weekly requirements of butcher’s meat.

Catering establishments may serve double the amount authorised to be served on any coupon or half-coupon numbered 7 (in England and Wales) or numbered 8 (in Scotland) during the period of currency of such coupon or half-coupon. Arrangements will be made for butchers to be supplied with a sufficient quantity of meat to satisfy the increased demand.

Tea rationing scheme discontinued
By the decision to remove the restrictions on the quantities of tea which may be obtained by retailers for the purposes of their business, retailers will be allowed to obtain for sale, on and after December 2 whatever quantity of tea is necessary to meet any reasonable increased requirements on the part of their registered customers.

Prices of oranges and lemons
The Food Controller has fixed maximum prices for lemons and for oranges, except oranges of the mandarine varieties. The Order contains provisions regulating prices on brokers’ sales and wholesale sales, and also prices on retail sales being for lemons 1s. per lb and for oranges 10d. per lb.