This Musician is Playing His Funkiest Beats Yet – On Some Watermelon and Kiwi Fruit

Instruments come in all shapes and sizes, but a company called Playtron has created a MIDI device that allows you to play fruits and vegetables.

While this seems ridiculous, a YouTuber called MEZERG created a viral electronica song and corresponding music video called “Watermelon,” in which, you guessed it, he plays slices of watermelon like Stevie Wonder played his synthesizer on “Superstitious.”

he device, called a Playtronica, works on smartphones and tablets provided you have the correct adaptor and a music application such as GarageBand.

It’s compatible with most synths and musical gadgets with a USB MIDI input.

Simply connect cables to your fruits and veggies, and complete the circuit by touching the ground wire with one hand and note wire with another.