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Guides and Documents

  1. eReferral Implementation Handbook (url)
  2. eReferral training video for Referring Providers (url)
  3. eReferral training video for Specialist Reviewers (url)
  4. eReferral training video for Schedulers (url)


Link Directory

  1. San Francisco Chronicle, July 23, 2013: Electronic referrals streamline S. F. General care
  2. Healthcare IT News, July 11, 2013: 3 benefits of eReferral systems
  3. Center for Care Innovations, Innovation of the Month, October 2012: eReferral in San Francisco Safety Net
  4. AHRQ Innovation Profile: Electronic Referrals and Communications Reduce Wait Times for Specialty Appointments and Improve Clinician Communication and Quality of Care: eReferral AHRQ Innovations Exchange


Specialty Care Initiative:


Making It Work: Lifestyle Strategies and Clinical Tools for Diabetes, Obesity, and Atherosclerosis. May 6, 2011 (Syllabus)

Tuot DS, Sewell JL, Day L, Leeds K, Chen AH. Increasing access to specialty care: patient discharges from a gastroenterology clinic. Am J Manag Care. 2014 Oct; 20(10):812-9. (url)


Specialty Care Initiative 2011-2012 Summary (pdf)



Link Directory




Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses have been developed in each specialty participating in the Specialty Care Safety Net Initiative to enhance the knowledge of primary care providers.

Visit the CME California website ( to access the courses.


  1. First, register for a CME Account on the CME California homepage
  2. On the CME California homepage, select the following in the Activity Search box: Online course
  3. In the search field type SCSNI
  4. In the Browse By menu, select profession
  5. On the following page, choose Physician in the Select A Profession menu

The following CME activities were presented by UCSF faculty:

  1. Reasons for Hepatology Consultation, Jennifer Guy, MD, MAS
  2. Inflammatory Dermatoses – Initial Approach and Review of Topical Corticosteroids, Ivy Lee, MD
  3. Skin Cancer – Identifying, Screening, and Educating At-Risk Patients, Ivy Lee, MD
  4. Orthopaedic Extremity Exam Skills – Upper Extremities, Aenor Sawyer, MD
  5. Orthopaedic Extremity Exam Skills – Lower Extremities, Aenor Sawyer, MD
  6. Common Problems in Thyroid Dysfunction, Elizabeth Murphy, MD, DPhil
  7. How Low to Go? What are Appropriate Glycemic Targets in Diabetes, Elizabeth Murphy, MD, DPhil